British Cooks Transform Famous Art into Food. The Results are Astounding (and Yummy!)

Normally, if you’re trying to raise money for high brow art projects like operas and ballets, you throw a black-tie dinner party and invite 500 of your wealthiest friends.  The British Art Fund, however, has turned fundraising upside down by turning to the home kitchens of ordinary British citizens.  Their project is called Edible Masterpieces; and they’ve challenged home cooks and art enthusiasts to duplicate the world’s most famous art masterpieces in food.  Here’s some of the most amazing submissions they received, complete with recipes.

Have an idea for your own edible art masterpiece? You can enter Britain’s Art Fund Competition with your idea!  Be the first to make an edible Mona Lisa, Starry Night, or Last Supper!

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