This Changes Absolutely EVERYTHING I Knew Viruses. Number #4 Is Disgusting.

If you caught the flu, what would you do? I would lay in bed and feel miserable. Some people are way more ambitious. And after seeing these photos, you’ll understand why.

In 2009, swine flu became a global pandemic, infecting over half a million people across four continents.  Governments were panicking, people were dying, and everyone was wondering who would be the next to be infected.

Artist Luke Jerram was next. As he lay in bed, worrying about whether he would recover, he decided to change his perspective on his illness by creating glass artwork sculptures of the virus that had caused him, and the rest of the world, so much pain.

Here’s a look at his incredible creations.

These sculptures are horrifying, creepy, beautiful, and inspiring, all at the same time! No matter what, I will never look at the flu the same way.

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