How to Make a Cadbury Chocolate Egg!

Cadbury Chocolate Eggs are a best-selling treat during the Easter holidays. But have you ever wondered how they make these delicious chocolate snacks?  We take you behind the scenes at the Cadbury factories in Birmingham, England, where 1.5 million of these chocolate eggs are produced every day.

For the first time ever, we reveal the process of making a Cadbury chocolate egg!


Source: Daily Mail


Did you know that the milk chocolate is able to stay separate from the yellow and white fondant because they have different densities?  Someone really spent a lot of time figuring out the science of creating a chocolate egg!

Some other fun facts about the Cadbury chocolate egg:

  • They were first invented in 1923 by the Cadbury brothers.
  • There are 25 flavors of Cadbury eggs, including Mint, Berry, and Caramilk.
  • The most popular method of eating a Cadbury egg is by biting off the top of the egg, licking out the creme, and then eating the chocolate!

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