Adrain Chesser Has AIDS – These Raw Portraits Capture The Moment His Friends And Family First Found Out

It all started when photographer Adrain Chesser decided to share some life-changing information with his friends and family.  One by one, Adrain’s loved ones sat in front of a camera and listened as Adrain began with the phrase: “I have something to tell you . . .”

From there, he shared the news of his recent AIDS diagnosis and took their picture.  

Photographed mere moments after hearing of his diagnosis, these portraits capture the raw shock and sadness as loved ones begin to grasp this news

Adrain concludes: “Each sitter’s reaction was unique depending upon their own experience of loss, illness and death, creating a portrait of unguarded, unsettling honesty.  As a collective, the body of work speaks to the universal experience.  The phrase ‘I have something to tell you’ is often the preface for life-altering disclosures: pregnancies, deaths, love affairs, illnesses of all kinds, and winning the lottery.  The phrase becomes a kind of mile-marker for life, delineating what came before from what comes after.”

Source: Feature Shoot