This Deserted Shack Will Surely Make You Second Guess Your Eyes!

Hidden in the desert of California’s Joshua Tree National Forest, was an unimposing 70 year old shack.   Abandoned long ago, this shack served as a slowly deteriorating and nearly forgotten piece of homesteading history.  However, for American artist Phillip K Smith the neglected cabin would serve as the perfect foundation for a stunning optical illusion he titled “Lucid Stead.”

By replacing rotten wood slats with mirrors, and fitting the doors and windows with color changing LEDs, Smith transforms the derelict cabin into an illusion that reflects and refracts the surrounding terrain like a mirage or hallucination.  

Never fails to amaze me how an artist – and their vision – can so dramatically transform a dilapidated and forgotten cabin into a means to alter the way we see and perceive reality!  You can read more on Lucid Stead at Royale Projects, or subscribe to keep informed of upcoming projects by Phillip Smith.

Source:  Royale Projects

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