The 10 Most Outrageous Rob Ford Quotes. Quote #5 Proves Toronto’s Mayor is Crazy. Plain Ole’ Crazy.

Rob Ford is the mayor of Toronto. Over the past few months, he has become infamous around the world for smoking crack cocaine, making racist and homophobic comments, and refusing to resign from political office. In a recent turn of events, Mr. Ford took a one month leave of absence from being mayor to seek help for his substance abuse problem, boarded a plane for a rehab facility, and then never checked in. In this article, we examine some of Rob Ford’s juiciest quotes and opinions on everything from football to AIDS.

1.  Rob Ford on AIDS:

2.  Rob Ford on his ability to speak Arabic:

3.  Rob Ford on Oriental people:

4.  Rob Ford on Transgendered people:

5.  Rob Ford in Angry Mode:


6. Rob Ford Denying He’s Smoked Crack Cocaine:

7. Rob Ford Admitting He’s Smoked Crack Cocaine:

8.  Rob Ford on Women:


9.  Rob Ford on the Media

10. Rob Ford on Bicyclists:

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