He Sent A Thank You Card. You Will Never Believe Who Read It and What Happened Next

In November of 2012, Caleb Ballew, 28, wrote a note of thanks to President Obama to express his gratitude for the recent healthcare reform efforts led by the President.  Specifically, Caleb wanted to thank the President for a provision that funded COBRA health insurance for those who were not currently employed, and saved him and his new wife “from a very, very dire situation.”

A recent law graduate, Kourtney Ballew, 29, had just joined a firm when she was diagnosed with a medical condition that was going to require surgery.  Unfortunately, she had just started working with the firm, and thus was not yet covered by the firm’s insurance.  However, thanks to some health care reforms led by Obama, Kourtney was able to receive insurance, have the surgery, and avoid the otherwise staggering debt that comes with such an operation.  

Grateful for the healthcare reform, Caleb wrote a thank you note to Mr Obama, sent it, and moved on.

Source: Above The Law

Little did Caleb know that his letter was not only received, it was read . . . by everyone in the White House, according to the President himself.  In fact, not only did the President read the letter he actually invited the couple to the recent state dinner and a seat at the presidential table.

Guess it really does pay to remember your manners.