Guaranteed Loser – Stingy Vegas Slot Machine Hasn’t Paid A Jackpot In 20 Years. Is That About To Change?

To the untrained eye, the Lion’s Share game appears to be little more than an outdate three-reel slot machine.  Located among thousands of other slots on the floor of Vegas casino MGM Grand, this machine is literally hidden in plain sight.  But to thousands of devoted players, this particular machine – with a current jackpot of $2.3 million dollars – is quickly becoming the main attraction.

By law, all slot machines in Nevada are required to eventually pay out 75 cents of every dollar that goes into each machine.  Amazingly – this particular machine – has gone almost 20 years without a single jackpot.  Along the way, the Lion’s Share machine has become the stuff of legends as devoted fans stand vigil and become increasingly convinced the time is near for that elusive jackpot.

What do you think, has this machine been stingy long enough?  Is the big payday near?

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Source: Wall Street Journal