Phew . . . 44% of Twitter’s Accounts Don’t Tweet Either @duh @notuseful #passingfad #NoTweetsPlease!

I have to admit, sometimes it seems like everyone – even the boring morning news people – are either happily tweeting something or encouraging us to tweet @ them.   Truth be told, I never could figure out what to tweet, why I should care what others were tweeting, or if I really should tweet @todayshow just how much their lame “orange room” makes me reminisce for the days when the news actually, um, you know . . . reported the news . . . or better yet, the time when Carson Daly was only on TV well after I was in bed!

The whole thing – and all the lingo – just made me feel too old and too uncool.  Fortunately, it turns out I am not alone in my twitter-fatigue.  In fact, recent research by Twopcharts has determined that almost half of all Twitter accounts are “non-tweeters” too!

Which makes us wonder just how much better the world would be if we all stopped tweeting our every breath?   After all, in a tweet-less world we may even stand a chance of never hearing from the Kardashians ever again!!  (well, no harm in dreaming right?)

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