This 12 Person Family Spends $5 / week on Groceries. No, They’re Not Extreme Couponers.

The Hungry Planet project analyzes what 30 families from 30 different countries eat every week.  In the following shots, photographer Peter Menzel shows us how diverse families and their food can be.  The differences in food costs are astounding. One Norweigan family spends $730 / week in groceries, while another family in Bhutan spends only $5 / week. The composition of food purchases is also fascinating. Some families spend exclusively on packaged goods, while other families stick to an abundance of fruits and vegetables.

Here’s a showcase of how much different families spend per week.

Source: Peter Menzel Photography
Source: Time Magazine

I am amazed at how different every family is. The families from Chad, Bhutan, and Mali are inspirational. With only a few dollars, they do their best to feed their families for a week.  We should all think about how to spend more wisely on food!

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