Why Do Children Cry? Answer: Miley Cyrus.

Children cry for all sorts of reasons. But in this series of photographs, we present new and unusual reasons why kids cry. The reasons are funny, touching, and above all, unexpected.

The first category of reasons why kids cry are animals. Animals can definitely be a scary experience. Who wasn’t bitten by a dog as a child?  In this case, the animals aren’t being violent, but they still give these kids a reason to be alarmed.


Celebrities are another reason for tears. In this case, I don’t really blame them.


Getting stuck is another good source of frustration!  Everyone’s had that embarrassing moment where you try to crawl into a space that’s too small for you!  Thank goodness those days are long behind us.



I always hated sharing my toys as a kid.  Looks like these kids hate sharing too!



Sometimes parents have good reasons for not letting their kids do things. But that doesn’t stop these children from crying about it!





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